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El McMeen became friendly with Linda Brockinton through Nina Zanetti. Linda is an award-winning musician and multi-instrumentalist. Her web page is here:


Her hymn and Celtic music is known world-wide in dulcimer circles, and she is a regular performer and instructor at festivals and workshops throughout the country. Like all the other dulcimer players El knows, she is a spiritual and generous person.


Linda was a flute major in college, but after 2 years left to be married. She played no music for 20 years, but when she got remarried her new husband bought her a dulcimer on their honeymoon. After attending a few workshops and festivals, she decided that she wanted to teach the dulcimer. She competed in several contests and won the 2001 National Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, KS. That win opened the door for her to teach music and the dulcimer, which is her first love.


She has written numerous dulcimer tab books for fingerstyle playing and has recorded 8 CD's. Her newest book called "Faithfulness" is described on her webpage:


In addition, Linda has written for the Mel Bay Dulcimer Sessions (r) Webzine. One of her articles is at the Internet site below. You may have to click on the right side of the link below to go directly to the page, or you can copy and paste the URL into your browser.


Linda loves the soft side of the dulcimer, and Celtic, classical, and gospel music that lends itself nicely to musical healing, relaxation, and renewal.


You can find  beautiful examples of Linda's playing on YouTube here (all arrangements are (c) Linda Brockinton):


and here:


and here:


Also, check out the way Linda makes the challenging piece "Carolan's Concerto" look easy (it most definitely is not!), here (arrangement (c) Linda Brockinton):


Enjoy Linda's playing of two compelling tunes by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), below (arrangements (c) Linda Brockinton). The audio recording is "O'Carolan's Farewell to Music,"  and the video is "The Fairy Queen."


O'Carolan's Farewell.mp3
MP3 audio file [4.4 MB]

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