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Spontaneous and Unedited

I have a number of studio recordings, and some edited live recordings, but sometimes I am moved just to sit down and play. In recent years, I have uploaded some home recordings to YouTube on my channel. 


Since people have expressed an interest in this type of recording situation, I will share below, from time to time, some of those tracks.


First is the beautiful Scott Skinner tune in honor of Hector Macdonald, called Hector the Hero, played on a Franklin Brazilian Jumbo guitar.


Second is a new arrangement of Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady, in the Key of F in CGDGAD tuning. This mp3 was exported directly from the Tabledit TEF file.I also enclose the tab/music.


Finally, on a different note: In 2005, through a miracle of the Lord, I wrote a book of arrangements of Celtic tunes for classical string trio (violin, viola and cello). It is called "Celtic Treasures for String Trio." I share below a midi recording of the computer playing one of them - The Blarney Pilgrim. 

MP3 audio file [4.9 MB]
Carolan's Quarrel (arr'd El McMeen)
CGDGAD tuning--Key of F
carolan's quarrel.mp3
MP3 audio file [1'019.2 KB]
The Blarney Pilgrim (for string trio)
Arrangement by El McMeen
MP3 audio file [2.3 MB]

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