El McMeen Memoirs: #1 New Release on Amazon

     Many people know El McMeen only through his guitar music, recordings, and music books. They may not even know what "El" is short for. BookLocker has published El's memoirs, and you will be very surprised at what you find out about El, from age 0 to 71! The name of the book is Growing Up in God's Country.  It covers El's life from small-town USA to New York City, and back.


     Here is El's bio from the back flap of the hardcover version:
     El McMeen hails from rural Pennsylvania. He didn’t start so well. He nearly died at birth. He has cerebral palsy. He had a broken home. He was, in his own words, a “miscreant.” But his story is one of redemption. El became a “Wall Street lawyer,” an internationally acclaimed acoustic guitarist, and a Christian minister. He and his wife Sheila have four married children and three grandchildren. “The Lord became my GPS,” El says, “but in my case He still has to do a lot of ‘recalculating.’”
     El is a gifted storyteller. The road winds through physical disability, youthful misdeeds, family tragedy, Harvard University, Penn Law School, music, and the intricacies of law practice, with a lot of laughs along the way.
     Growing Up in God’s Country is unabashedly evangelistic. It shows the amazing ways in which God moves in everyday lives. God has a sense of humor, too. If He didn’t, El says, where did ours come from?

     You can purchase this book at https://tinyurl.com/El-Amazon

El has written extensively on the Christian faith, including a book with Steve Baughman called "Objection! Overruled! (Or, Two Lawyers Have a Little 'Chat' About God and Hell)." He has also written several pamphlets, distributed throughout the USA and abroad, in the Pocket Gospel Guide(r) Series, including, most recently, three pamphlets on Maintaing a Lifestyle of Power, Perseverance, and Presence. Quantities have been distributed under cover of El's Sparta Mountain Christian Outreachtm .


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