Carla Eskelsen

Another songwriter of the heart, and friend of Cori Connors, is Carla Eskelsen. Carla is not exactly a 9-to-5-punch-a-clock type of person. She lists her interests as "horses, music, natural barefoot trimming, xeriscaping, rubber stamps." She is also

one of the great singer-songwriters in the Intermountain region of the U.S. and a not-so-well-kept secret among musicians and audiences. She has many things on her daily plate, as mother of 5, potter, and inveterate poster on Facebook and blogs, so the sightings and hearings of Carla at songwriting circles, on recordings, and at the occasional festival are always reason for joy and appreciation for her powerful songwriting and singing.


El McMeen has been threatening to hire  "hit men" on her -- that is, people who would forcibly get her into the studio so that she could record some of her "hits."


Below is an mp3 of a live recording in Salt Lake City of one of Carla's wonderful songs (with her introduction, and with accompaniment by her husband Dave on guitar). It is called "Small Song for a Town" ((c) Carla H. Eskelsen):



Small Song for a Town
MP3 audio file [4.9 MB]

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