Bob Pegritz

Bob is a most soulful whistle player, specializing in a broad range of music, from Amazing Grace to amazing Irish jigs. His experience in playing pipes earlier in life has brought a singular phrasing to his music that evokes an ancient, misty world, where leprechauns (or whispers thereof) were  prevalent and laptops weren't.


El McMeen has recorded on two of Bob's CD's. Bob's latest, "Whistleworks III: My Lines," is available through CD Baby:


Visitors to our site should also check out Bob's contributions on YouTube.


Bob is a proud member of the Chiff and Fipple Community:



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Bob Pegritz
P.O. Box 1
Bart, PA   17503

Tel: 717-786-0155

E-mail: bobpegritz AT gmail DOT com



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